New features


Letter Of Invitation (LOI / VISA Letter) JMT-5008

The helpdesk states the booked admission ticket and when the order of the admission ticket is cancelled, the VISA Letter request is also cancelled.

Users can delete requests on their own now

Group Registration

Pickup Management JMT-5011

Group organizers can search for names.

Participant List JMT-5008

Group organizers can download the participant list of their group also when the access to the participant management is disabled.

Offers JMT-3617

In the group registration and an Exhibition Shop, users can create offers. These have to be accepted and tranferred to invoiced orders by the registration helpdesk user. A valid offer template is required and enables this process. Separate offer numbers can be generated.

This process can’t be combined with usual order processes.

Registration Helpdesk JMT-5009

A new column “Codes“ is available.

Exports JMT-5225

New default export to retrieve registration status of speakers



Setup JMT-5133

Separated setup for session types and session groups

Invitation - Reimbursement JMT-2907

Reimbursements of hotel nights can ignore the “in between days“ when e.g. a speaker has no role in the programme.



Payment Setup JMT-5014

Moved setup for payment from Registration → Basic Setup to Administration → Payment Setup. Payment methods for modules (Registration, Group Registration, Abstract) can be restricted to roles.

Tracking JMT-6021

A new set of UI Texts (“Tracking”) is available to add tracking codes to the <head> and <body> of event related pages.