New features



Topic Organisers (“voterchairs“) can get access to the review helpdesk in a restricted view. They are limited to abstracts assigned to them via the category/topic. Their view is based on the setup in “Review Setup - Scoring”

When moving an abstract to a different category, the abstract can be redistributed to the defined reviewers automatically (only in metadata review mode and if the automatic distribution was used before). Exisiting reviews for the abstract are deleted.


Content submission


The “Introduction”, “Photo upload” and “Contact the speaker“ step

New content submission overview

New step: Upload of Backup / pre-recording file

A .mp4 video file can be uploaded and used in the live congress as a backup / pre-recording.

Upload of Pre-Recording / Backup file

New step: Query for participation format

A step to query the participation format can be enabled. It is prefilled with the selection the invited speaker did in the programme invitation.

Participation format



An additional column which shows the Membership Type and Status can be enabled.

Group Registration

New option: At least one participant must be added to the group before the group leader can purchase tickets

New option: Group leaders can view if their participants secured tickets by another method, e.g. by a different group leader or by themselves.




Content submission

The default order of the content submission steps was changed. It can be adapted for each m-anage instance.


Scoring Distribution

The display of authors and reviewers was made more compact and can be expanded. The abstract title was moved into a tooltip on the submission number.



  • The abstract custom queries were included and can be enabled in the “Review setup - Scoring”.

  • The notes field was moved to the bottom

Review Helpdesk

General UI Update of the review helpdesk.

  • The old setting for the threshold was removed.

  • “More filters“ were updated

  • Columns were reorganized

  • A scoring report can be retrieved at the bottom of the page.

Review Helpdesk - Details

  • The pdf preview of the abstract which is also seen by the reviewer was included

  • The abstract custom queries which were filled in by the abstract submitter were included at the bottom (“Additional queries“).



Finishing an order for membership now shows all orders that need to be paid in order to gain access to the membership area.