New features


Convenor / Session Proposal JMT-4313

Review chairs that have an assigned category of abstracts, and are also assigned to session(s) as the convenor, can add from these abstracts to the session.

The abstracts don’t need to be accepted beforehand and a suggestion of a presentation will be created. The abstract is not available for further assignment anymore. Based on the session type, you can also setup a limit for the maximum assignment.



Voucher JMT-4344

Upload personal and 3rd party collector vouchers per ticket type. If you choose to upload a template for e.g. the registration fee and another one for the course A, the participant will get two pdfs attached to the payment confirmation.




Invitation Helpdesk

The presentation type was added to the export on the invitation helpdesk.

Participation Format JMT-4121

Added the participation format “Onsite“/ “Virtual“ to the programme export module, to the default “presentations” .xslx export.



Updated icons for abstract status JMT-5062

Added a confirmation popup for bulk operations JMT-5062


The helpdesk logs indicate wether the log was created for a virtual live or on-demand session. JMT-4826